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Well… You actually clicked to see who I am…  Guess I’m gonna have to tell you after all huh!

Where do I start?? I am not a big fan of writing stuff about myself because I don’t really know what to write about.

But today I will try and give you an idea about who is Hooda…

My name is Houda Kismet, I am the gal behind the DotComGal blog and YouTube channel, and I’m basically just another chick who makes stuff happen on the internet…


I am not going to try and sell you a soap story and tell you that I lived on the street and online marketing saved my a#… But I did almost live on the street once, but that’s another story for another day ha!


I launched products and was an affiliate for many WSO launches in the past couple of years, but then I realized that our online marketing industry was full of crap (there are still some good products out there though…), so I took a step back and I decided to focus on doing my own thing and spending less time on the hype. In fact, I don’t have 5 million friends on Facebook like most IMers do; I only interact with a few people that I actually follow and respect. But then again, I’m a bit antisocial like that LOL. I took a day job back in 2016 and worked for 2 years before I decided that wasn’t for me either. Now I have an online job and I am getting back on my feet in the IM industry again. I revamped my blog and YouTube channel and I got started again.


Other than that, I’m really a nice person once you get to know me hahaha!


I found out about online marketing a long time ago and decided to give it a try, then I liked it so much, so I stuck with it.


Now, what am I doing? I have worked hard enough to make my dream come true and work from home full time.

So if you feel like following a journey of some chick you never heard of, learning some pretty neat tips in the process, come back to this blog and see what’s up!

It was a long intro, I know. Well, thank you if you read this far.

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