Why I Do What I Do! My Passion

I Had A Light Bulb Moment This Morning!

As mentioned before on my About Me page, I am still  not doing this full time, but I would love to one day.


So what I would like to talk about today is passion. I woke up this morning and turned on my computer and thought to myself: “How I love to work on my computer! I wish I was doing this full time!” And then it hit me! I am not doing this only because I want to make money online  but because it’s what I enjoy the most! I love being on the computer, I love writing blog posts, I love hanging out in forums and networking with people and I love helping whoever I can in whatever way that I can.


Do It With Love!

I pride myself for being a very good cook and my friends and family agree with this. When they ask me for recipes, I give them the ingredients, but I always say: “Don’t forget the most important ingredient of all: do it with love!” In my opinion, that’s what makes a dish taste delicious.

So just like a passionate cook in the kitchen, when I decide to do something, I have to enjoy it and I have to do it with passion. Otherwise it just won’t work. Being an online marketer who has had little success over the past 6 years and mostly failed, I often stopped to ask myself: “Why am I still doing this? I know I can make money online and I know I have made some but it’s never enough to make a living. Why am I still struggling to make it work and why haven’t I given up already?” Then I realized that this is what I love the most. I know that I  had a lot of failures in my life; some of them related to my work, some of them in relationships, and others in many different areas of my life, but one thing I know for sure is that if you still find yourself struggling to make something work even if you see little to no results, there must be a reason.


A Love Hate Relationship

I love it! That’s  the reason! I hate that it’s not working YET as much as I want it to, but I love it. This is the love hate relationship I have with online marketing. It’s like an addiction that I can’t get rid of and the everlasting hope that it will finally work one day. In fact, it’s not just a hope, but it’s an affirmation that I repeat to myself every single minute of every single hour of every single day of my life.


What Are We Doing Wrong?

It’s not always easy to admit to our mistakes or to accept constructive criticism from other people. This is in our nature; everyone would rather be complemented than criticized. But in my case for example, I know for a fact that if I want to move forward in any area of my life, I need to accept that I am doing some things wrong. And once you figure out your mistakes, you learn from them, and that’s when you start to go in the right direction and do the right thing.


When I first started online, I just wanted to make money; regardless of if what I was trying to sell was of value or not. In fact, often times, I didn’t even know what I was trying to sell to people; I just wanted to know how much I was making out of it. This is the biggest mistake in online marketing; or in any kind of service for that matter. I learned the hard way, but guess what! Now I feel that I am going in the right direction.


Never Ever Give Up On Your Passion

Our hopes, dreams and passions are all we have. It’s what makes us who we are and what differentiates  us from people without ambitions. Do NOT let that go to waste. If you feel that you are passionate about something, keep at it and I assure you that one fine day it will work.


This is my bit of wisdom for this morning. In fact, I was planning to write a post on my favorite traffic strategies (that was my plan for the week), but then I decided to share my thoughts with you and hopefully some of you may be able to relate to my situation and we can help each other.


If you like this post, please share the love and stay awesome as always 🙂


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53 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do! My Passion”

  1. I truly could feel your passion coming through as I read this article. We all have been in that place that we just want to make money and sell whatever it is in order to do so. But what has kept you around is the most vital part of all of this – YOUR PASSION!

    Your passion is what will see you through and YOU WILL SUCCEED. People will stand up and take notice of your passion and follow you and buy from you because of it. It is great that you may have a product or service to offer that will solve someone’s problem, but always remember that people buy from people because they trust and believe in them.

    If two individuals were offering me the same product or service, I definitely will purchase from the individual whom I trust or have a connection with. I could easily have that connection with you because you are passionate and caring, which are attributes that will take you far in this industry. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Houda,

    You know, I had the same kind of feeling some time back. I was wondering what the heck am I doing trying to make money online. So for quite some time, almost 2 months, I was just drifting along, buying shiny objects, looking up facebook, etc.. Basically, nothing constructive.
    Then one fine day, I decided i had enough of lofting. I came up with some marketing strategies and set a short term goal for myself and started working on it. Eventually, momentum picks up and I completed my first eBook which I intend to use to build my list.

    And I totally agree with you. Passion will keep you motivated to move forward. But why not set a goal also?

    Boon recently posted…The day my laptop failed meMy Profile

  3. Houda,

    I love your honest appraisal of your current status, but I don’t agree. What you are calling failure, to me, is actually part of the process toward your ultimate success. Imagine if Michael Jordan considered every missed basket as a failure and got discouraged. What if Roger Federer had given up when he lost the French Open, again, to his rival Rafael Nadal?

    When I listen to the most successful business people (when they are being honest), men and women, online and offline, so many of them share stories about the struggles, the seeming failures, the need to change focus or reinvent themselves along the road toward success. And even after they make huge sums of money, sometimes they follow that with poor investments and lose a lot, if not all that they have acquired.

    What I have discovered is that there is a process to building a successful business, there is a formula that works but it can take years, even decades, to discover the formula that works for you and your particular business niche, personality type and level of skills.

    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Relationships CAN HealMy Profile

  4. Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. It is a phase that a lot of people go through and it takes a lot of willpower and ambition in my opinion to keep going and not give up.
    I consider them as failures because they were tiny little successes that I kind of overlooked. But I think you’re right, every little success must be celebrated and considered as a milestone into a greater one.
    Thank you!
    HoudaK recently posted…Why I Do What I Do! My PassionMy Profile

  5. Hi Houda,

    This is the first time on your blog and I just love the candid way you have written this post! So many people come online to make money. But when they do, it is so transparent.
    Here, you talk about love and passion and that is the best way to come online with any business. It is a funny thing, people can pick up on who is passionate and who is not. Here I notice that this is a labor of love for you. This can only lead to prosperity.
    We all come online and yes, we do want to start a business. But only through our love and passion will it ever work.

    donna merrill recently posted…Guest Blog Post | Lesly FedericiMy Profile

    • Hi Donna. Welcome to my blog and I hope you will visit me again 🙂 Thank you for your comments. You are right; any business that is not driven with passion is doomed to failure sooner or later. Thank you.

  6. Behind the best businesses in the world, you’ll find not just an idea but also a passion driving it. Passion is an essential component in a world-class offering. Passion will drive us to excellence, to create a product or service that is more than just “good.” Passion will keep us going during the hard times and the uncertain times. Any project that’s backed by a whirlwind
    of energy and devotion can overcome fear and doubt—and keep us forging ahead, even when the future is uncertain. Passion also ensures a happy long-term relationship with our business.

    If you choose something that excites you, the product of your work will likely be something that you’ll want to wake up to everyday. Some lucky people are born knowing what their passion or calling is. Others have to discover their calling.
    Rachel Lavern@Online Biz Boomer Babe recently posted…Brand the Heck Out of YourselfMy Profile

    • Hi Rachel, thank you for your kind comments and for visiting my blog. Passion is what drives us like you said, and I’m really lucky I found what I love and I have the opportunity to do it. Like you said, not everyone is lucky enough to have that. Thank you.

  7. HoudaK,
    this is my first time reading one of your article. I must say that your passion is evident.. and love it. Actually I love the most what you say to your friends after sharing your recipes.. “do it with love” That reminded me about my late mother who used to prepare many great dishes and after her passing we all did our best to imitate them but no matter how much we wanted to create the same taste.. it really never come the same.. and that is because we do not have the same “love” that she used to put into it.

    I like to congratulate you for sharing your article regarding doing what you love and I wish you will achieve the goal of one day be able to do it full time as you wish to do it.

    I am convinced that you will achieve that goal.. you have the best ingredients already in place and working for you 🙂


    • Hi Nickc. Thank you so much for your very kind words; I really appreciate them. I also like to think that I have the ingredients to succeed and I won’t give up. The people who commented on this one post gave me so much encouragement to keep going with what I’m doing and it just feels right.
      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      • HoudaK,
        so glad that you feel better now and you had so much support.. B3 group is very supportive so if for some reason you feel low in energy or feel discouraged or anything in between.. just get on our FB group page.. ask questions, share what is going on and you will be supported for sure…

        On another note.. I must say that you are way ahead of the game already in many ways.. so keep on working on what you have and make better and you will gain a lot more confidence to get you up spirited at any day.

        Thanks for being You.
        nick catricala recently posted…A Lifetime Commitment -Part 5 of 6My Profile

  8. Hi Houda,

    As I read this, I could actually feel your passion!

    You are completely right, you can’t do this just for money without the love. So many people fall in love with that idea of “get rich quick” and it just turns into a colossal mess.

    You are lucky, not only does it seem like you enjoy being on the computer, but you seem to be good at it and have a personality that shines through your writing. I only wish I had the same social media skill as you

    With the attitude and go getter attitude that you have, I’m sure you will be able to do this full time with lots of success!

    Btw… if you cook with as much passion as you write, It must be some amazing food!

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see you make it

    All the best,
    Jeff Sollee
    Jeff Sollee recently posted…Internet Marketing… Take 2My Profile

    • Hi Jeff! Thanks for your kind words and for the encouragement. My social media skills aren’t as great as you think 🙂 I just do what I can. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to talk to you soon.

  9. Keep at it girl you’ll get there one day your already a success if your at least earning a part time income online and have a good full time job 99% of the people in the World cant even say that:)

    Have not touched based with you in a long time your blogs looking nice:) Keep doing what you love and you’ll never really work a day in your life!
    Jay recently posted…2014 Web Traffic Secrets List Exposed Marketer Spills The Beans And Reveals It ALL In Stunning DetailMy Profile

  10. Hi Houdak,
    We all make mistakes and it’s what you learn from them that makes a difference. Mistakes are actually your friend in disguise, they are there to teach and guide you… so they also let you know if you’re on the right path … wonderful to meet you and I hope you’ll come join us on Facebook … let’s connect. 🙂 Look forward to getting to know you …
    Lesly Federici recently posted…Insights For Group LeadersMy Profile

  11. I feel the exact, same way. The first time that I found the marketing community online, I knew that I wanted to work in it, permanently. There are things that leaders do, and it is in the best benefit of everyone to learn what those activities are and get into right action.

    Your passion was something I completely felt! Thank you so much for reminding me, once more, or why I am here and why I have stayed for so many years!! This is a great article! Keep going!!
    Christi Johnson recently posted…My Choice For Blog Monetization – Ingreso Cybernetico, The Company Best-Suited For Online Personal Branding!My Profile

  12. You are so right about food and putting love in and of course if you do what you love you will be cool, seems however that fear is what is standing in your way as when we don’t commit that creates uncertainty as we are projecting our doubt that becomes our reality – the analogy I use is the intimate relationship – if we don’t commit then the other person may look elsewhere … 😉
    Sarupa Shah recently posted…3 things that stop you being a Heart Centered EntrepreneurMy Profile

  13. I have never visit your site before. I wondered what it will have to offer us readers. Being one who live to serve others, is doing what I love.

    I feel awakened to see that you have found the difference in being online for money vs. doing what you love . Learning how to share just that and prosper from sharing. That is what I was looking for. The key, that everyone who is online to create a real solid , ethical funding source, wants to here.

    You have started on a journey that will end, with remarkable results. I love to see this beginning stage of development. You have chosen, the right way to start. I look forward, in seeing it develop, for the best.
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted…Fundamentals Count!My Profile

      • Not only useful to share with others. You have started your story to share and it will grow. Knowing that only doing what you love and have a passion for, is the formula Dr. Erica was stating.

        We each are unique and love various things. Finding out what others desire and need. That will shape your support for them. Things will fall in place with clarity . That will give you focus on execution of activities to help others through sharing you passion. It will produce good fruit, per say.

        I am watching your growth and look forward in hearing how your life story develops.
        William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…Be A User, Not A Sales Person?My Profile

  14. Houda, Passion is so essential in building a thriving business that will truly resonate with who you are trying to help with your products or services. Every success you experience rather it is small or grand should be celebrated because it moves you closer and closer to your goal of having a successful online business. I hope you continue to build your business and share your passion and love of working online with all of us!
    shelley.alexander@att.net recently posted…Nectarine Superfoods SmoothieMy Profile

  15. That it takes so much time for the dot com life to become a reality aggravated me for years until things began to turn around for me. This passion that is a love for us seems to be elusive, but so many others have gone before us and into full time income, so it has to be something that is possible. I am now starting to earn the income that I have always wanted to earn…and I am grateful for it.

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us. I’m glad you have never quit!
    Christi Johnson recently posted…Why I Left LiveFyre For the Disqus Commenting SystemMy Profile

  16. Hi Houda, it’s so good to read an honest, from the heart post, especially when it comes to online marketing success.

    Please don’t consider your past results as failures. You’ve adapted and grown so they were valuable learning experiences. I can relate to these! Like you I’m passionate about computers and being online.

    I used to enjoy experimenting with new recipes but this did not go down well when my children were young. The kids liked to stick to what they knew and I started cooking more simply to suit them. Although I lost the urge to try new recipes it was good being able to satisfy their preferences.

    When we first start marketing online we tend to think advertising at people is the thing to do and we try to get others involved in all sorts of things. As we learn we realize that it’s much more about meeting providing value and meeting the needs of others.
    Sue Bride recently posted…7 Sure Fire Ways to Write Absolutely Compelling Blog PostsMy Profile

  17. HoudaK,
    it is so exciting to re-read your article above.. I remember coming here before.., then you disappeared and now I seen you in our B3 Group.. . so here I am again re-charging with your excitement and passion to do what you love.

    I noticed a few different things that I did not see before and that tells me you are a work in progress as all of us.. congratulation, you are human, and a beautiful one as well hahah 🙂

    Doing what we love.. doing it with zest and doing it just because we feel comfortable it is soooooo rewarding in so many ways and I wish that you continue and enjoy what you started and along the way remember that as a human, it is ok not to do certain things that bring us sufferings in many ways, but at the same time with out them we could not grow as fully as we need to grow.. you are doing great and love to read more of your exciting ventures into what you love doing.
    nick catricala recently posted…Regular School Time is Here AgainMy Profile

  18. Hi Houda. I completely agree that it’s so important to enjoy what you do. It can be hard getting going with your own business but it’s that passion for it that keeps us going!

    I really agree with the Dr Erika above that these are not failures but just part of the journey and how we learn – I’m doing a lot of ‘learning’ myself at the moment 😉 Best of luck, Lucy

  19. Hi Houda. I loved this heart-felt post. We’ve all been there, and the ONLY people who make it in internet marketing are those who persist. I’ve tried a lot of things that just weren’t a good fit for me, but I just kept forging ahead. I, too, am happiest when I’m on my computer, so I hear ya!

    All the best,

  20. What an extremely powerful and passionate post Houda!

    I have agree with Dr. Erica’s assessment! What you may be (mistakenly) calling failure, is really your forward progress, just perhaps unfolding a little slower than you’d like!

    You’ve shared practically every newbies inner most feelings, when they finally come to realize and appreciate, that they’re not going to be overnight successes!

    I really enjoyed reading your brutally honest assessment and can certainly feel your passion as well! Thanks!
    Mark recently posted…So What Do Adult Elephants And Your Personal Development Have In Common?My Profile

  21. Hi Houda. I found this post very refreshing! I appreciated how you are so honest about why you do what you do, but aren’t quite where you want to be yet. I like that. I think most of us feel this way at one time or another (or most of the time!) who are trying to make something work online. Blogging is definitely something that stems from passion and think it’s vital that we bloggers support each other on our journey.
    Karen Peltier recently posted…I Chomped on Some Crickets for a Quick Protein Fix. Would You?My Profile

  22. Yes, never give up!

    Once you have completed a look back on your life. Looking for that one trait that seems to be appearing during this lifetime journey of yours. You found it and most likely it is a core passion. Now, you have clarity.

    When, you have voluntary change. Then, you will be able to move forward and strategically plan based on your vision of a future.

    Most of us, found that success is done with little steps. Always changing and never has an end result. Your vision of a future will change as you grow personally and your company.

    Houda, you are further than people who spend 80 hours online. Just based on clarity. I look forward in growing with you. Thank you for allowing us in and sharing your amazing insight.
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…A Willingness To ChangeMy Profile

  23. This is a very insightful article. We share many of the same passions and interest. I also feel the same about cooking and pursuing all goals with passion and conviction. Going one step further, I also believe that it is important for us to see that are actions align with our core values. It’s a pleasure getting to know you.
    Carmine recently posted…You have the right to remain … a lousy boss!My Profile

  24. Thank you for sharing this blog HoudaK! I find it very inspiring.
    Mistakes are something we need to learn from and realize that they all happen for particular reasons. One thing for sure is we sure not give up on hope! Nor our dreams. Success comes from hard work and determination.
    I believe passion is what helps the soul grow. To succeed you have to believe in something with passion, because when you find your passion you find your purpose 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing this blog it is very insightful <3

  25. Houda, thank you for sharing your insights on what it’s like to start and operate an online business. I can totally relate to you that I started out wanting to make money online and then it became more of a lifestyle decision which I have come to love. This is, in fact, the only reason why I haven’t given up and that keeps me going.

    Best wishes on your entrepreneurial journey!
    victoria recently posted…Giving Up, When Is It OK To Do It?My Profile

  26. Life is so much more rewarding when you spend your day doing what you love — and get paid for it! I’m glad you’ve recognized your passion. Stay on that path, and others will benefit from it too.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…The FarmMy Profile


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