How to Make Money Writing

How to Make Money Writing

How to make money writing? Writing is such a fun hobby for so many people, me included. Some people writing more than others, and that’s okay, but if you feel that you are passionate about writing, there’s a huge opportunity to earn some pretty good money writing; depending on what you do. Keep reading to find out how to make money writing online.

In this article, I will discuss many different ways to write online and how to find opportunities to get paid to write online.

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How to Make Money Writing Articles

Writing articles and/or blog posts is probably the easiest way to get started writing for other people. There are so many companies out there that hire freelance writers, but you need to research them and decide if the pay rate is good enough for you or not.

A great place that I like to use whenever I am not sure about a company is Reddit. In case you’re not aware, Reddit is not your usual social media platform. What I love about it is that people tend to be brutally honest on Reddit. I’m an avid Redditor and I love hanging out there and discussing different topics. If you want to check out if a company is legit, all you need to do is Google something like “x company review reddit” and you will find different threads with people’s opinions and experiences. 

You can find article writing jobs all over the internet, but I personally like to use the Pro Blogger Job Board. Clients on this platform tend to be high quality with a track record. You will find different types of article or blog writing jobs with different requirements. The great thing about Pro Blogger is that you can find gigs in almost any niche.

How to Make Money Writing a Blog

Writing a blog is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. It does take some time to start seeing results, but in my opinion, it’s so much better than working for someone. If you are curious about how to start a blog and make money, check out my ultimate guide here

But let me just give you a few ideas about how you can make money writing a blog:

  • You can sell your own products on your blog.
  • You can sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.
  • You can sell ad space on your blog and make money.
And so much more! Click here to learn how to start your own blog today.

Get Paid to Write a Book

This is probably a few steps further than writing articles or blog posts, but a lot of people make a lot of money self-publishing.

If you have experience writing books, it’s the best time to self-publish. Publishing your books online has never been easier. You can use platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP) to upload your manuscripts and your covers, and that’s all you need to do. No need to pay a publishing house or have a massive stock of books anymore. Whenever someone orders your book, Amazon takes care of printing it and shipping it. 

Get Paid to Write Fiction

Just like writing books, you can also publish your fiction on KDP. However there are a lot of websites that pay you to submit your fiction. Here are a few to get you started:

These are just a few of the websites that accept submissions. I am sure you can find more if you spend some time doing some research.

Make Money Writing Poetry

I must admit, poetry is definitely NOT my cup of tea, but there are a lot of gifted writers out there who can write great poetry. And there are millions of people who love reading poetry. So if you feel like you’re a poetry ninja, here are some places that pay you to submit poetry.


There are so many ways you can get paid to write online, and if you just take some time to do some research, you can slowly turn your passion into a full-time income. I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you  have any questions or comment on how to make money writing, I would love to hear from you 🙂 

how to make money writing
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how to make money writing
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