Day 7 is Here! Congratulations!

You made it!

Are you excited? Today is the last day of your blogging course. If you have been following the daily tasks, you will soon be ready to start driving traffic to your blog.

How Many Blog Posts?

Before we get to the traffic part, let’s talk about the number of blog posts you will want to have ready for promotion.

It’s not easy to answer this question, so it will depend on a few factors:

  • How much work you want to put in.
  • How much time you have.
  • How fast you want to get your blog off the ground.

So it will be up to you to decide how many blog posts you want to have before you start promoting.

You definitely want to have more than 3 posts. That’s for sure! As a rule of thumb, I would go with 5 to 10 blog posts before I start promoting my content in a new blog.

Let's Get Promoting!

Promoting your blog is extremely important. If you don’t spend time (and/or money optionally) to promote your content, nobody will ever know it exists.

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote your blog post. But I have created a video to make it easy for you.

Watch the video below:

More Promotion Options:

There are a few other content promotion methods I have talked about in the main Blogging Guide. You can refer to main blogging guide any time by clicking the button below:

What's Next?

So once you have your content in place, you have your lead magnet ready and you have monetized your blog, you are well on your way to start getting traffic to your blog and making money. 

Note: Once you have your first blog posts and you launch your blog, you need to keep posting new and fresh content. I would go with 1 blog post per week at least to keep your blog up to date with fresh content. If you can post more than one per week, great. If not, one per week is more than good enough.

Before I conclude this blogging course, I would like to remind you that blogging is not an overnight success. It requires time, patience and dedication to make it all work. Yes, it is time consuming, but it’s really rewarding.

I hope that you understand the importance of taking action and keeping your eye on the prize. If you put in the work, you will make money. It’s that simple 🙂 


I really hope you have enjoyed this blogging mini-course! You should really be proud of yourself for staying the course and taking action! 

I would really love to hear what you think of the course and as usual, if you have any questions, please leave me a comment below.

Finally, don’t forget to join my Facebook group and subscribe to my YouTube channel:


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