What’s Been Happening?

Hey guys! I have disappeared for what appears to be ages… Yes, I know. It’s been around 4 months since I have updated my blog or actually done anything online. The reason is that I have been going through some shit in my personal life and I was not able to tend to my online business unfortunately. But hey, every one goes through some problems in their lives and it’s normal. The most important thing is that I am back to the game now and ready to rock again!


So, basically, after PayPal decided to stop operating in Turkey, I felt really miserable and almost useless in terms of my online ventures. But then I was like: “why don’t I try Clickbank and other stuff?” and that’s when I realized that there are plenty of options out there and that PayPal is not the only way to get paid. On a brighter note, I managed to gain access to one of my old PayPal accounts from when I used to live in another country, so now I can use it again (hopefully).


So now, I can use PayPal again, I am playing with a couple of offers on Clickbank, and I’m planning to get back to doing CPA offers again. Plenty of stuff to do and plenty of free training and case studies coming your way soon. So do come back and check the blog out every now and then!


This is a short post just to update you on what’s been happening to me. Stay in touch and please comment or ask questions if you have any. As always, stay awesome!

7 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening?”

  1. Welcome back Hooda:) and to everyone reading your blog Hooda is awesome, and one smart cookie.

    listen to her she has some cool marketing tricks up her sleeve.


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